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(A virtual classroom for toddlers up to the end of kg. I use this site with my sped students.  I set up their individual classrooms based on their levels.  Activities range from learning how to dress yourself to sight word match.  There is a story or poem with each lesson and activities vary depending on the level of the students.  My Kg students love love love using the site and even my first grade small group loves playing the games that are on their level.)

First Grade Computers

Cardinal Directions

Some primary apps:

ABC Pocket Phonics Lite:

Free app In addition to letter tracing, ABC PocketPhonics has the ability to teach kids with special needs phonics &endash; sounds that letters make.  The application helps kids put these sounds together to form words, and has goofy pictures to go along with the reading and writing fun of this free ipadapp for children with special needs! (will need to purchase full version)

Splash Math Worksheets:

Free app includes questions about time, money, comparisons, and more!  Numbers go up to twenty, but everything is addition and subtraction.

Math Tappers: Find Sum

free app Find Sums is a great app that focuses on helping kids learn basic addition and subtraction not through numbers, but through counting objects.


Longitude & Latitude Hunt

Room Recess

Read Across America
Technology Rocks
More Seuss
(suggested by Media Services)

Power My Learning


J.G.E.S. iPad apps

Weebly Interactives


The Quiz Hub features online interactive matching quiz games that focus on vocabulary, math, geography, history, and science facts.

The site is engaging, simple to use, and totally iPad compatible.

The following account will give you full access to the Quiz Hub through March 7, 2014.

account: phillips5
password: 0307